“What do you see?”

My Grandfather would ask me, looking at the star filled sky.

As a 9-year-old, it would fill me with wonder.

Every night, My Grandfather would take me to the terrace for the star gaze. He would tell stories about each star.

“Can you see the star…

I don’t write about a year that passed by. But 2020 is different.

2020 has taken me back to my school days. Allow me to explain. The Life principles that applied during my school days were simple.

Here are those Principles :

  1. You are Sufficient :

Those were the days…

Satya was 7 years old when his grandfather told him stories from the Indian Ithihasa — Ramayana.
He fondly remembered hearing the story of Vibheeshana.
Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana always supported what was right. He always warned Ravana to stop pursuing Sita, the wife of Ram. Ravana ignored him always. Vibheeshana…

talkingparrot-Meenakshi Sundaram Hariharan

Chartered Accountant with an eye for inspiring stories in everything around

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